Our Services


Individual (Adult/Teen)

One on one services for teens and adults struggling with self worth, awareness, trauma triggers, sexual assault, flashbacks, self harm, overwelming anxiety, lost or stuck frustrations.

Group (adults)

Have you ever noticed your heart racing durung a meeting or a steady stream of thoughts before bed? If so, Mindfulness is for you. The mindfulness group is a six week group centered around creating a balanced emotional state of being. With this group you will learn to increase positive energy with activities for daily stress reduction. Let a trained therapist walk you through a series of guided meditations, breathing exercises and methods for better sleep. This group is perfect for persons college age+. Reduce tension headache and remedy that clenched jaw.

Private bookings/Concierge

Receive Mental Health or small group wellness services on location, with discretion. Concierge comes to your home with everything necessary for a relaxing sessions and prepared. Book a Mindfulness afternoon with girlfriends or in home counseling.


Private Practice

Business ownership was not a course offered for many of us with Graduate degrees. let's talk about the stuggles of opening your doors, and keeping the money flowing. I'll share my experiences and give you tips to systems opperations management and maintenance.


Learn how your company can be more cohesive and less devisive. Take this team building approach to improve communication as your company strives to be structurally sound by increasing employee retention. Know your blind spots. Microaggression, implicit bias, racially uncomfortable working environments, and stratagies for change are discussed. Questions are encouraged and spefics of your workspace is encouraged to create a tailored adgenda.

Clinical Supervision (RMHI Counselors Only)

This service is for individuals seeking lisensure with the State of Florida whom are Registered Mental Health Counseling Interns only. Clinical oversight by a Qualified State Superviosr, Culturally competent and Trauma trained Therapist. Contact us directly today for more information!



For motivated people wanting access to mental health services where ever you may be. 30- 50minute calls or appointments. Virtual and face to face offered at packaged rates.


Holding a big secret, frustrated with avoiding topics with family or friends? Try conflict coaching. This moderated service bring needed resolution within friendship groups or the family dynamics. Hold on to your valuable relationships with this added service to bring back effective communication.

Groups are offered either Virtually or In Person, based on need. Use the "Initial Contact" form to schedule an inital assessment for services.

Speaker Request Mindfulness, Trauma and Trauma Recovery (Post Traumatic Growth) and Cultural Competency.

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