Our Services

Mindfulness Group (adults)

The mindfulness group is a six week group from centered around stress reduction, Anxiety reduction and self-calming. With this Group you will learn to increase self-awareness and create positive energy and activities for daily stress reduction. This group is perfect for persons in college and up. Reduce tension headache and remedy that clenched jaw pain.

Processing Group(adults)

Adults coming together weekly to release the heavy burden of the current climate and state of emotional turmoil around them. This group is facilitated by a supportive therapist to guide and shift perspectives to a more optimistic view.

Clinical Supervision Group (Registered MH Counselors Only)

This group is for Registered Mental Health Counseling Interns only. this group is in tandem with Individual supervision to obtain licensure in the area of Mental Health Counseling, in he State of Florida.

All Groups are offered Seasonally

due to COVID protocols group may be offered virtually

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Consultations & Concierge services

Clinical Supervision

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Individual Mental Health Counseling

If you find yourself struggling to push through, and feel no longer able to ignore overwhelming feelings of depression, stress or anxiety due to workplace frustrations; or have a personal "every woman" or "superwoman" complex. this service is for you

Spiritual Counseling

As a Christian rooted organization; God is the center of all we do here. Prayer, meditation, and bible based sessions are available.

Trauma Processing

There are a range of trauma's one could experience. From developing destress from spending a childhood in lower socioeconomic communities to surviving an attack or abusive relationship. This form of processing is a combination of symptom reduction, coping skills to manage anxiety, and integration of memories (application dependent on need).

Private bookings & Concierge

Receive Mental Health Counseling services or small Group Mindfulness Seminars on location, with discretion (virtual services available).