Hopeful Future

"Always Working for Your Wellness"

Our Founder is impassioned with seeing people come into their full selves. Living a healthy, whole and well rounded life. Free from the weight of uncertainty and insecurity. We recognizes the struggle to be "every woman", successful and so much more is ever present.

We believe this is the value of building a repertoire of coping, stress reduction and emotionally regulatroy skills set. Working with young ladies (13+), we seek to instill self love, esteem and courage to fight against the expectations of boys and friends in a self harm, group thinking, culture that is middle and high school.

Welcome, you who are in stuck, dark places and the overwhelmed; come and rest with us. We encourage you to slip off your shoes and kick up your feet on our comfortable couch for a bit. Find wellness with your therapist in a conversation, where laughing, crying and breakthroughs are an expected part of the journey.

This space was created to empower, uplift and shift the atmosphere for life changing opportunities that can pull us out of the darkest emotional spaces. Come find the courage to change your life's trajectory. Freedom from guilt and the peace you deserve are waiting.

Choose Yourself...You are so Worth It!

Tenisa Montgomery LMHC


Our founder is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor whose primary goal is to create open access to services and link clients to their best selves. She is a profound researcher, published author and Speaker She desires to assist you on a personal journey through wellness toward authenticity.

She does this by never forgetting where she came from and staying abreast to the most up to date trainings and maintaining contact resources to promote total body health from a holistic approach.

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