Community Partnership

Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

Job description

Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern must have a Client-focused, empathic, detail oriented personality, with a willingness to learn. (Current registration with the State is not required)


  • Complete and maintain all required clinical documentation

  • Maintain balance within caseload expectancy

  • Be able identify criterion differences for in office session requirements vs virtual session allowances

  • Have a teamwork nature

  • Have an interest in holistic wellness

*Clinical Supervision toward licensure provided

Employment Type: Contracted


Internships Start Date: ASAP

Primary Function:

  • Ensure Mother Nurture’s customers, prospective customers, and potential partners have the latest information about our brand

  • Identify, conceptualize, design and execute campaigns to boost engagement, educate and inform audience about products and services and company programs

  • Create content calendars, develop and distribute texts, photographs, marketing posts, sound bites, event logistics and content, and video-based content, monitor social media channels and

  • support promotional and marketing efforts.

Clinical Supervision

Come get Individual or join our group supervision sessions as a Registered Mental Health Counselor for the State of Florida.

Office Space Available for start up Mental Health Practitioners!


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